I Think I’ve Discovered a Miracle

A skincare miracle that is. So last Monday I had a couple of moles removed on my face. They were tiny but I hated them & they had to go. I got it done at Visage Clinic, which I definitely recommend. Go to a plastic surgeon not a dermatologist, please. After the surgery (which only took about an hour & I didn’t feel a thing thanks to a few massive fucking needles filled with some lovely anesthetics) I wasn’t supposed to get the stitches wet at all. My stitches only came off this Monday so that meant no showers FOR A WEEK. I felt like when I was thirteen at camp. After three days though, I was supposed to change the bandages once a day & clean the wounds with saline water. Nothing else was allowed to go on or around or pretty much anywhere near the wounds. The first day I cleaned them, my face felt so greasy from three days off of my usual Honey Girl Organics regimen that I ended up wiping my whole face down with the salt water (I used those nail polish remover pads whatever they’re called). Surprisingly, it made my face feel super soft & clean so I kept doing this all week.

Once I got my stitches out & could see my whole face again I realized that my skin looked really really good so I actually just kept washing my face with the saline water & nothing else. No toner or exfoliator or moisturizer or anything. At first I was worried it would dry out my face but I didn’t notice anything & I’m usually racing for my moisturizer when I get out of the shower in the morning so this is definitely shocking to me. Like you know when you’re at the beach & you get out of the ocean & your face is burning? That didn’t happen. My surgeon told me to start rubbing Bio Oil into the scars on Tuesday. I was tripping out about that because I didn’t wanna put oil on my face & have it break out but he said not to worry. Then my mom told me she uses it for anti-aging & it gave her a really even complexion. She said if you rub it in really well its not greasy & actually works as a moisturizer. So I started rubbing it in after the saline water.

Let me tell you, my skin has NEVER looked better. I know its only been a couple of days but my skin has really changed. I don’t know  if it’s because those moles are gone so it looks more uniform & even (even though there’s nasty scars there now) but I am seriously so impressed. So far the Bio Oil hasn’t caused any acne at all. I’ve never had bad acne, just a pimple here & there, but I haven’t seen a single blemish since I started with the salt water. My skin is so fucking soft, even in this disgusting dry Toronto weather. I’ve always thought I had big pores on my nose that really bothered me but my pores look at least 50% smaller now. Any redness is entirely gone. & all those little dots & spots you only notice when you’re really inspecting yourself in those zoomed in kill yourself mirrors are GONE!!!!!!! It’s a fucking Christmas miracle. I feel like I’m one of those people in the Facebook adds like “Doctors don’t want you to know this secret” but I swear it’s really working, try it!!

So wipe down with saline water (boil one litre of water to get any bad shit out & then put it in like a big mason jar & add a teaspoon of salt) & then moisturize with the Bio Oil (I got a big bottle for like $40 at Whole Foods). Make sure you rub it in really well & do this twice a day obviously. In regards to the scars, I’m just gonna keep praying to the Bio Oil gods to take them away


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