Hater Alert

So I got my first mean comment today. Ready?
“You are such a pathetic wannabe. Your Instagram is the most middle class thing in the world. Please stop trying to pretend you’re remotely interesting/wealthy. Stop blogging and have fun working in retail, peasant.”

Okay bitch, I have a few things to say to you. Here’s the short answer:
Get the fuck off my blog then. Duh.
& the long answer:
This blog is for me, not you. I couldn’t care less if you personally enjoy it or not. I do, & believe it or not, some other people do too. Sorry if I’m too “middle class” for you. I’m not pretending to be something that I’m not. I’m just writing about what goes on in my day, whether it’s pretty or not. The particular post you commented on was about me getting a freaking hairbrush stuck in my head, not jumping in my G4 & popping Ace of Spades. Settle down. Also, what kind of person feels the need to say something like that to another person? Did I really upset you that much? I’m definitely not gonna stop doing something I enjoy because some random loser on the internet doesn’t like it, sooorrry. I won’t even approach the fact that you called me a peasant, YOU FUCKING LOSER. If I’m not “wealthy/interesting” enough to satisfy you, then go analyze Betches Love This some more & continue taking notes on how to be sick.

So “Morgan”, to summarize, take a Xanax & shut the fuck up. Thanks


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