Housewives in Training

So I saw this talk show on E & the women we’re talking about some mom who’s actually encouraging her nine year old to aspire to be a housewife. The hosts we’re tripping out but I honestly don’t see what’s wrong with it. That’s a smart fucking girl. I wish my parents encouraged me to do that. Maybe I would have learned how to do my own laundry by now. & I’d be able to cook things without using the Whole Foods recipe app on my iPad. I seriously think that most woman who work & look down on housewives/stay at home mom’s are really just jealous they can’t afford to do so. Β I literally dream about being a housewife. & so do all my girlfriends. & all our boyfriends want us to be there waiting for them at the end of the day with a tight pilates ass & dinner on the table. What could possibly be better? Get up, get the kids ready for school, meet my friends (who obviously live across the street) for Starbucks & yoga, get our nails done, grocery shop, real shop, make dinner for the fam, etc. I get that it’s hard work but it’s not like I won’t have a house cleaner too…


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