Where do I begin?

I guess since it’s officially Monday, I’ll start with a little weekend recap. Thursday was completely standard. Woke up early (9am is early ok?) for hot yoga where I gushed out at least five pounds of sweat but then I met my favourite friend at Café Nervosa & ate/drank triple that. The caprese salad is killer. In good way. Then we did a little shopping & I accidentally bought like twelve gold charms at Tiffany’s. Don’t ask. But I will tell you that the new Tiffany’s on Bloor is super gorgeous & the doorman’s name is Leslie so I made a new friend. Yes, Leslie, spelt the same way as my name. With an “I-E’. The boy way, I know! Thanks mom & dad. Then we sat in traffic listening to Beyonce for five hours while we made our way to the nail salon. I got an awful highlighter pink & couldn’t sit still long enough for it to dry so we had to leave via the LCBO. Getting out your ID plus your credit card plus your airmiles is not an easy feat with wet nails, by the way. We finally got home & proceeded to drink a bottle of wine each before her dad made it home with our sushi. A couple hours later we were out the door, on our way to meet our boys at Switch. As usual, we showed up after them & walked in to see the standard thirty dick/bottle thirsty bitches in our booth. A guy even said to me “I love how you two show up & all the girls leave”.. Like yes, we remove the whores. I won’t even get in to the rest of the night because my memory isn’t too perfect but we danced on the booth all night & a friend of mine got a few punches in on this dirty slut whose slept with half my friends boyfriends. So all in all, great night. Saturday morning, my boyfriend & I dragged our drunk asses to The Artist Project, this really cool art show at the Ex & met some amazing artists & bought some sick pieces for my house. I literally can’t write anymore so, to summarize, the rest of the weekend was spent in my boyfriend’s bed drinking wine & watching Keeping Up mostly.


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