I wish I was kidding…

But my therapist has suggested I start a blog to “get a sense of direction”. Basically, I need to FIO. Fast. Now I don’t know if anybody really cares about these run on sentences in my brain that I just have to share but buckle up bitches cause I’m doing it anyways!!

Soo about me: I’m barely twenty years old, born & raised in Toronto & I’m 100% funemployed (I swear I invented the term but whatever). I love fashion, design, reality tv & my boyfriend. Oh & a massive glass of sauvignon blanc, of course. In my future I will probably either start my own super successful interior design company or start a fantastic bikini line that I personally model all over Instagram. I promise I’m gonna be completely open & honest & all that so hopefully I can entertain somebody other than myself…


One thought on “I wish I was kidding…

  1. I just read all your posts and subscribed! I love your blog (and sauvignon blanc) and will def keep reading so you can stay funemployed!

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